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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  March 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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calling for attorney general jeff sessions to step down even after he recused himself from any investigations regarding the trump campaign. others say that jeff sessions is not going anywhere. >> he is a man of integrity. >> reporter: the russian ambassador had a number of contacts with russian campaign officials. jeff sessions met with him twice, former national security advisor michael flynn and jared kushner also met with him, as did carter page. they told fox news they spent a few minutes talking about the need for better cooperation between the united states and russia in the fight against terrorism.
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democrats have had a lot of contact with the russian ambassador as well. he joined some of them at the president's speech to congress. this afternoon, president donald trump tweeted a picture of nancy pelosi with vladimir putin. he said, i demand an investigation of nancy pelosi. president donald trump blames democrats, saying they are trying to save face after losing the presidential election. the president found support today from the russian national
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minister. >> this resembles a witch hunt. >> reporter: the russian ambassador was also a frequent visitor to the white house during the obama administration. thank you john. a march in support of president donald trump is planned for tomorrow in berkeley. a group that calls itself march for trump plans to hold more than two dozen rallies and marching across the country, the mamp in berkeley is the only one planned for the bay area. the rally is set to begin at 2:00 and head to the uc berkeley campus, counter protests are planned as well. should cyclists be arrived to make a full stop at a stop
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sign? or should be just have to slow down and look. two legislators have trying to legalize the rolling stop for bikes. >> reporter: they call it a wiggle. it's a bike route. but at its intersection, tensions between drivers and cycle i was can mount. many cyclists do not come to a complete stop, which is technically illegal. this owner of a bicycle shop thinks that a law allowing bicyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield sign is a good one. >> you get in to a lot of awkward interactions with cars. >> reporter: they support a new
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kel foreign -- california bill to allow for a rolling stop. studies have shown that stopping and starting suddenly is dangerous for bicyclists. >> beukers can roll through stop signs but they have to yield to cars -- in the law, bikers can roll through stop signs but they have to yield to cars. >> if nobody is coming, why should people have to stop. >> reporter: this woman said she's okay with the california roll as long as they do not roll through stop signs into cars. >> they should have respect for the drivers, you do not want to almost hit someone. thank you. another new law may be on the
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books, a state lawmaker introduced legislation that would create a law against people who get on the road smoking pot. he said there are no established limits for marijuana, making it difficult for law enforcement to identify drivers impaired by pot. they were to have california highway patrol establishing defined limits on pot use by drivers. coming up, the milestone today at the oroville dam. >> a construction project at a bay area bart station. >> airline tickets at 99% off, but you only have a few hours left to buy them and there are restrictions >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. federal reserve chairman janet yelle is expected to increase interest rates at their next meeting and she hinted at additional rate hikes before the end of the year. >> the train finally left the station, there were a lot of starts and stops but it looks like it's going to hop. she said we are going to make
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an adjustment in the rate. >> the fed will be closely watching the jobless report due out net week. mercedes benz has issued a recall on 350,000 vehicles that could catch fire after repeated attempts to start the cars, it's including cla, gla and glc cars, they said a problem with the starter could melt some exoapts and lead to a fire. -- components and lead to a fire. spirit airlines is offering 99% off of some flights. they are known for charging for
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every amenity. they said this applies to the base price, not other fees and you have to travel on tuesdays and wednesdays between march 14th and april 11th and some routes are not included. bart's station in lafayette hired solar city to put solar panels on their roof. >> that's what we are looking for in our operating expenses, stability. it's a huge expense, powering the trains. >> the construction is almost complete. similar construction is expected to start next week for
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the bart station in antioch. the gathering of food trucks known as off the grid is back. it runs from 5:00 to 10:00 on friday nights through october. across the bay, in the east bay, oakland's first friday event is underway, it includes music, art and food. it's along telegraph avenue and it runs through 9:30 tonight. in downtown san jose, the first friday's art walk is happening from 7:00 to 11:00 tonight. >> so much to do. firefighters said a wet winter means more brush for fire season. >> i am tracking the weekend weather. we have rain to talk about. i will lel you know how to plan your saturday and sunday -- let you know how to plan your saturday and sunday >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a major milestone today for california's train project. $2billion worth of work is approved for the central valley. the next step, paying for it. a progress report today at the oroville dam where crews restarted a power plant that has been closed since last
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month. crews had to remove thousands of cubic yards of debris from the pool below the spill way before starting the turbines at the power plant. a record setting rainy season could mean a record setting fire season. the fire department was getting into shape this week. >> reporter: while aviation mechanics are making sure that the airplanes are in top condition, the pilots are also practicing for the season. the spotter planes will be flying over nevada, elder and placer county to get in fire fighting shape. >> they want to train for any emergency situation that they
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are going to come across. >> reporter: what you are seeing behind me is the helicopters that carry the crews into the front of the fire, they drop the crew off to wok on the ground. then they pick them up and drop the water later. even though california had a wet winter, we can still expect a difficult fire season. there are 100 to million dead trees in the forest being effected by bark beetles and that will always cause dangerous
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fire conditions. lets talk about the weather. bill is here. the weekend is almost here. we have had a nice string of weather but some changes are on the way. >> it's been a heck of a run, we had two rainy as soon as in one year. we have more rain coming into saturday. it's not heavy, less than an inch. there is the system, it's impressive looking. the cold air sweeps in and drops the snow levels. we have a winter storm warning in the mountains. the sun you saw today is something you will not see tomorrow. tomorrow is about clouds and showers. sunday has some sprinkles too but there are breaks. so it's cooler right now in sat
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rose by 8 degrees, cooler by 3 degrees in fairfield. we had that warm day yesterday. today, 50s and mid 60s. look at this picture of the bay bridge. so pretty. the bay bridge used to be clear on a friday night. but that traffic is beutle. >> same with the weekends -- brutal. >> same with the weekends, they are like a monday morning commute. >> yes, sures as we head into tomorrow. this is the -- showers as we head into tomorrow. the heaviest stuff is after lunch time. so if you want to play golf tomorrow, do it in the morning.
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after 11:00, it's going to deteriorate. sunday is the kind of day where you can get your golf game in. or nine innings of baseball. here's tomorrow morning. this is the front, that's tomorrow afternoon. now here's sunday morning. watch what happens, sunday is not half bad. you will see plenty of sunshine. a few sprinkles monday. as mark said, are you trying to save the weekend? i am. so if you want to go out, do it tomorrow morning or sunday after 10:00 a.m. sunday is not half bad. just a few scattered showers. >> look at tuesday, that's nice. >> yes, we are back to the nice weather next week. >> sports is coming up around
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the corner. a former stanford star has his day. how he makes out. >> traffic is moving along on the golden gate bridge. >> lets see the san mateo brink, a little slow, -- bridge, a little slow, we are back with more after this >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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>> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break s after the break . mark is heerks -- here. tough loss for the cal basketball women. >> yes that was tough. they lost to oregon state in the pac 12 tournament. check this out, cal trying to do it all. they try to keep in it but it's
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too much. look at that nice left hand shot. cal finishes their season at a disappointing six and 12 in the pac 12. meanwhile, other colleges players looking forward to this. this is the nfl combines. those that want to be drafted have to show their talents. christian mccaffrey showing off if the 40-yard dash, it was good for a 4.48 but social media was buzzing about his bench press which measures upper body speed and strength, he can bench 225 pounds only 10 times, that's not that great for an nfl running back, he was
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also asking about bowing out of that last bowl game. >> the players and coaches supported me, i was fortunate to have them there. >> have you been asked about not going to the bowl game? >> yes. >> were they concerned about your decision? what did you tell them? >> i just tell them how it is, i am honest with them. >> everyone here was bragging about knowing him. >> the giants played the a's in mesa arizona. they go deep.
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opposite field. he gives up two hits and one run, the a's tee off gets stratton. he hits it into the picnic area. a big four run inning for oakland. look at him, one of the players they got in the donaldson trade. the giants off to a three and zero start: . we have some snippets of spring training baseball. look, where does that ball go, check the trash can, it went right in. look at the replay here. you see it bounces around. that's a one in a million shot.
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looking at it for a third time. it goes right in. >> look at this. last night. a half court shot. i do not think i have ever seen a trajectory that high, that thing is like a missile. wow. it's a perfect shot. that ends the first half. it's a three pointer. >> he should get 10 points for that one. >> check this out, at the seven springs country club in florida, players are in awe as a gator goes across the course. one of the guys there says, i am glad he has the fish so he
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